French 202 is a JOKE.

Learning French in college is horrible. To update you all, I finished taking Business Calc & Business Stats (to which I got an A & a B respectively) this summer. Right after that, I began taking French 202 and Microeconomics.

While I have been so excited to get back to learning French, after not taking it for a year my freshman year, this class has been such a huge disappointment. I’ve taken French since 8th grade, and I continued to take it until the end of high school, resulting in learning French for 5 years. Although I cannot say I am amazing and perfectly fluent in French, I am definitely literate in it. Additionally, my accent is pretty flawed, and my listening is absolutely horrible. If I ever go to France or a francophone country, I’ll have to constantly ask the people to speak lentement.

It’s been 2 weeks, and we’ve been learning the subjunctive mood and the use of “que” and “qui”. While I’ve learned the former in French 3-4, I am horrified to say that I learned the latter in most likely French 2. Comparatively, you’d want to think that French 2 and Intermediate French in college (200-level) would be similar in that they are both only the second year one is taking French, but hello? It’s college. I would think college kids would be taught in a more fast-paced, advanced environment.

I’m truly disappointed to be in this class. I got a 5 in my IB French SL exam, rewarding me a credit for French 201 in my university, but that’s completely botched with how they decided a student with that score would be equivalent to someone who has taken only French 201. What did they even learn in that class?

The most unfortunate detail about this is that it’s too late to drop the class without getting a refund. Again, like Pre-calculus*, I’ve paid for a class that completely underestimates my abilities because my university cannot distinguish the level of their students’ capabilities. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

*My university did not give me credit for Pre-calculus at first. In my university’s IB/AP conversion chart, it said that I would not get credit for my 5 on IB Math SL, but later on, as I was taking the class, I received a notice that I got credit for it… way past the drop deadline of my Pre-calc class. I never showed up to my Pre-calc class unless there was a quiz or a test. I even miscalculated and missed a test, and I still got an A. Like really? This university and its administration is a joke, and I’m so tempted to exploit its name now, but I’m just too generous. For one thing, I will never donate a single cent to this ghetto university.

Books and such…

Can you tell what my major is? My textbooks/resource books sans my World Literature book (One World of Literature by Shirley Geok-Lin Lim), my World Religions Scripture book (Scriptures of the World’s Religion by James Fieser and John Powers, and my Pre-calc book (I don’t remember the name. Haha~).

The library finally found Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua about two days after I ranted here about a rude librarian accusing me of losing the book when it was nowhere to be found in the library when the database says it’s available. Puh!

With that said…

I went to the library on Tuesday to search books for my English Final Proposal Paper. My proposal is to mandate early foreign language study in elementary and middle school in the United States.

Here are the books I got:

I kinda got carried away. There were so many books on it. For a brief moment, I considered majoring in linguistics. Ha! It didn’t help that the shuttle bus to get home was 20 minutes late, and these books were oddly heavy altogether. Wut?

Anyway, in searching for books for my topic, I found another book that was missing in the shelves when the database said it was available. It’s fairly unlikely that someone would have checked out a book on this topic, but you never know. My point is that this university’s library needs to take an inventory of its books and correct their database. -.- They have so many overpaid student workers that just do their homework there.

I would definitely know since I applied to be one of them.

So, that’s me and books in college so far. I’ve been reading Tiger Mother in random outbursts, but it’s so enjoyable, I don’t want to finish it, so I always stop when I want to read more. I’ll definitely review it here once I finish it. You’re great, Ms. Amy Chua! I’M A FAN.

Future Tiger MILF out.

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