Is it better to graduate early or take on another major or minor? I can graduate this year if I choose to drop my Int’l Business minor, OR I can continue my minor & graduate NEXT December, OR I can make Int’l Business my second major and graduate in May 2014, my original expected graduation.

I need your advice! What do you think?

I was accepted to transfer to Northeastern yesterday.

But now, I’m having cold feet.

I’ve been so miserable at not being able to transfer out of my current university for 2 years, but after 4/5 rejections, I finally convinced myself to settle, and I’m at a good place…


I’m just so confused now. I finally convinced myself that I already have everything settled at my current university, I’ve finally set up connections with certain professors, and the <$7,000 tuition per year I have to pay definitely beats Northeastern’s ENORMOUS tuition.

BUT I’VE BEEN DESPERATELY CRAVING FOR THIS. I’ve always wanted a university out, far away from from, in the city, with lots of opportunities, and the chance that when I tell others where I go, they actually have an INKLING of where or what the hell I’m talking about.

I’ve always kindof had that feeling of regret when I turned down to transfer to American after my first semester of college. I think it was much easier to decide then. I’ve only had one semester. This time I’ve had 4 + a summer.

Because I really need help here, I think I might as well divulge the secret that I’ve been keeping since opening this tumblr. I go to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. I live in Virginia Beach, which if you drive pretty fast and don’t go during rush hour, is about 25 minutes away. When I was in HS, I just a huge epiphany and realized that grades aren’t really important. As my Chinese Politics professor lecture earlier this week, “Don’t try to be a good student; strive to be a good person”. Well, to be honest, college admission office didn’t really see my grades that way, and I ended up in my last choice school, a school that I never imagined myself to be attending.

But besides the fact that 80% of its administration run around like chickens with their heads cut off, ODU’s been pretty good to me. There have been questionable professors, and students that I don’t know how they would still ask how an essay should be written (“By one page, do you want 3 paragraphs or 5?”), but there have also been outstanding ones. Financially, like I said, I’m paying less than <$7,000 a year. I have a merit scholarship that gives me $2k/sem, I have the small but still okay $250/sem stipend from Honors Program, and have I mentioned? I’m in the Honors College.

I also have great friends at ODU, and I think this can stand on its own.

At Northeastern, I’ll be paying almost 4-5x I’d be paying now, although I don’t know about financial aid yet, I can’t enter the Honors Program because I’m a transfer, and I’d have to start over completely socially. That includes connections with professors and advisors.

BUT NORTHEASTERN IS IN BOSTON. AND ITS CO-OP PROGRAM IS FANTASTIC. As an Asian Studies major, I cannot stress enough why I would need internships so bad. Having a liberal arts major and just going out into the real world are like a kiss of death. I need some work experience. A meaningful work experience, and NEU has damn good connections from what I hear. And finally, people will know the university I’m talking about or at least kindof hear about it, unlike now. It’s really awkward when I get asked here in my study abroad by other students where I go, and they have blank looks on their faces. It’s a great conversation starter, though.

Plus, I can make new friends right? Then, I can broaden my social circle! As for professors, I can make new connections, too, I guess, but I’ve always had a real weakness in connecting with my professors.


Can someone help me please? Please give me advice. Sell me Northeastern. Tell me if it’s worth giving up what I have already. Anyone?

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